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October 19, 2007

Marketing Strategy and Video Testimonials

Arizona State University has embarked on an ambitious and very professional marketing strategy.  What they're doing is creating video testimonials of students, alumni, faculty, and others to use as a part of their marketing efforts.  By focusing on the individual stories of people involved with Arizona State University, they're opening a virtual door so viewers can get a "real-life" peek at university life.   

In addition, these videos give the viewers a real world look at the effects the university has had on them, their careers, and others around them.  This is a compelling message they're sharing in a personal, up-close, and exciting manner.  Videos are powerful content that can be used in a variety of ways, from student recruitment, to fundraising, to advocacy programs, and much more!  Videos bring your viewers up close, so they're a part of the action and feel more involved simply by watching. 

We no longer live in a brochure world, but rather in an increasing technological one where our resources to connect to others are many.  Your college has a significant amount of these resources in equipment, talent, and opportunity.  You can recreate this idea at a very small cost.  Check out what Arizona State University did and do it on YOUR campus.  Then, use the content on your online community and in your annual giving marketing programs.

Videos are an excellent way to connect to prospective students, alumni, and others interested in the college.  By taking the time to create a series of videos to use within your marketing strategy, you'll quickly see the benefits.  What are some of your ideas for using video to reach your alumni, connect them, and get them excited about the alumni association and their alma mater?  I'd love to hear them, so chime in!

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