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November 24, 2006

Oklahoma State University Creates a Professional Image for their Students

If you're a student at Oklahoma State University, not only will you get a great education, but you can also take advantage of a program developed specifically for you.  In combination with Career Services, Oklahoma State University offers each and every one of their students a box of business cards for the small fee of $5.00.  Why would this be of interest to a currently enrolled student?  For many reasons - and they all have to do with presenting a professional image to the outside world.

There are many instances where a college student decides to work while still enrolled.  Perhaps they are taking less of a class load in order to earn money, perhaps they are looking for an internship, or perhaps they are actively trying to build possibilities for employment for after graduation.  Oklahoma State University is aware of all of these scenarios, and because they want their students to begin to understand the importance of a professional image, they offer each student a box of 250 business cards each year that they are enrolled at OSU. 

The process to receive the business cards is simple, and the student then has something concrete to hand out at career fairs, interviews, and at any other avenue where networking could lead to employment.  In actuality, Oklahoma State University is offering far more than a box of business cards to their students.  They are giving their support, showing their pride, and contributing valuable information to all of the students enrolled at OSU.

Pamela I. Ehlers, N.C.C.C., Director of Career Services says, "OSU Career Services has been offering this benefit to students seeking career employment for over three years.  We also offer professional portfolios to our graduating students at a reduced price of $5.00 (a $10.00 value).  We want our graduates to look and be professional in their job search efforts.  Employers are very impressed with getting student business cards (especially at our career fairs).  It saves time and energy of collecting contact information from our students during a career fair and also presents a more professional image for the student.  Business cards also provide a concrete form of communication with the employer so the student doesn't feel as if they are going to be forgotten after they walk away from the employer, which gives the student more confidence."

Graduating from college is just the first step up the long ladder of success.  While each rung may deliver a different view to the student, and varying options for their future, learning now how essential it is to bring a professional image and demeanor to the table is essential.  With Oklahoma State University's practice of giving a seemingly simple box of business cards to their students, they are teaching them the basics in laying a foundation for success. 

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Well, it makes sense. A professional image has some weight in the world of business. You need to have a good image to impress your colleagues, employers, or clients.

Posted by: Clark Adams | Nov 23, 2011 8:01:01 AM

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