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November 24, 2006

Haverford College – Increasing their Alumni Registration

Many colleges grapple with the issue of how to best keep their alumni interested and active within their alma mater.  College web pages dedicated to their alumni often help to bridge the gap; however, without the alumni taking the time to register, they're often not quite enough.  In an effort to increase their alumni registration, Haverford College's Alumni Association offers services to their registered members, through the use of My.Haverford.edu, Haverford's online community which launched in 2004.

These services give a true value and benefit to those making use of them.  As you can see by their list of alumni services, Haverford College has presented their alumni with several excellent reasons to register.  Now, at Haverford College, when alumni register, they can begin to take part in these unique services.  For example, they can utilize the alumni e-mail forwarding system, which is an excellent means for staying connected. 

In addition, Haverford College offers other valuable services, such as being able to access special collections in the Magill Library, the option of subscribing with the athletic department to receive daily sports updates, and also the opportunity to join the alumni list server.  The alumni list server, especially, is a strong tool for keeping everyone connected.  The list server will automatically distribute mail to all list subscribers, which include not only alumni - but current students and parents, as well.  What a great way for these three facets of Haverford College to intermingle!  This could lead to some very interesting, enlightening, and valuable discussions between all involved.

When Haverford College's Alumni Association decided to enlarge their online community, the first step they had to take was to find ways to increase alumni registration.  Alumni presence is essential in the college community.  To increase alumni involvement online, Haverford undertook a variety of ways to market this to their constituency, including print and digital communications, as well as two contests to encourage new registrants.  As of November 2006, Haverford has over 5,400 registrants which represent about forty-six percent of the alumni community. 

By focusing on their online community, Haverford College's Alumni Association has found a sure fire way to keep the alumni involved, committed and excited about their school. 

in the college community.  By offering such beneficial features, getting alumni to register is simple.  By making sure those features encompass the spectrum of college life and keeping everyone connected - Haverford College's Alumni Association has found a surefire way to keep the alumni involved, committed and excited about their school. 

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