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February 24, 2006


Generate revenue from photos taken of alumni at events

Konica and Kodak have recently announced they are beginning to exit the film business.  More digital cameras are being sold each year than film cameras.  Today, nearly every phone in the world is capable of taking photographs. (currently 2.2 BILLION phones)

On top of that tools on the web to share photographs are faster and more convenient to use.  As a result your alumni are among millions who are daily putting photos on the web.  Many of our clients are taking photos at their events and uploading the photos for alumni to be able to view and print.

Another option is posting the photos for alumni to view and BUY.  Davidson University Alumni Association is doing just that. Currently they have photos of the alumni trip to Spain, reunion weekend, and homecoming on a commercial website that displays the photographs and allows the viewer to order 4x6 prints to 8x10 prints. 

Here’s how it works.

DavidsonbuyphotoThe alumni association takes the photographs at the events and then loads them onto the website.  The next step is to notify alumni where they can view & order the photographs.  Alumni are able to select any of the photos and put them in their shopping cart and purchase them.  It’s really that simple.  Depending on the arrangement with the provider, the alumni association makes some money off each photograph sold.

Tips on taking the photographs

With nearly 20 years experience in the photo industry, I have to share a few tips.  If you are going to sell photographs to alumni taken at events and activities they attended, here are 6 tips to follow:

1. Make sure everyone is looking at you!
2. Build enthusiasm in each photograph
3. Build groups of people who know each other
4. Take couple shots
5. People like to see their faces, not their shoes!
6. Use flash fill!

When taking your photographs, don’t take a picture of people looking at each other and talking.  The picture will not sell.  When you take the photograph, get the group excited, smiling and feeling good. It takes a bit of extra effort and coaxing to bring out smiles and a sense of enthusiasm in those you are photographing, but when you do, you’ll get stunning pictures that even the people who don’t think they take good photographs will be pleased with.

Put people together who know each other.  You won’t sell photographs to a group of people who have no idea who the others are OR that just met.  Focus on couple shots.  Rarely do couples get good photographs of each other because they tend to be the one behind the camera.  When taking photos crop from the waist up. Definitely use flash fill.  Flash fill will help fill in the subjects faces and make the photographs SNAP!

Lastly in using a pay technique like this, bring in the President, a famous alumni or athlete and take a photograph with EACH alum attending the event with these people.  You’ll find alumni willing to spend money for this memory.

Davidson link

What’s your opinion?  How can this idea be improved or modified?

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