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November 24, 2006

Lehigh University and Alumni Involvement

Lehigh University's Alumni Association's goal is to keep all alumni interested, connected, engaged, and involved with the university.  This is important to not only Lehigh University, who requires volunteer assistance on many levels (as do all colleges and universities), but also to the alumni themselves.  The college years are one of the most significant timeframes in people's lives - and definitely are ones that are never forgotten.  Those years are spent not only learning and studying, but in forging ties and relationships in a unique and exciting period of growth.  After graduation, many of those ties disappear as life moves forward.  Lehigh University's Alumni Association has created a valuable page on their alumni website to help alumni stay connected.

Sure, all universities and colleges want their alumni to volunteer, but Lehigh University's Alumni Association has taken an extra step in ensuring that the interest and the motivation is there.  By detailing what volunteer possibilities exist, and how the alumni can actually make a difference, the association has opened their virtual door wide to all who once graced the campus of Lehigh.  Instead of a basic invitation to volunteer, the page specifies six different areas that they are actively seeking volunteer participation.  Each of these areas has a link to lead to a page with further information that shares not only what is needed in the capacity of the volunteer, but what the alumni can expect to receive in return for the effort.

Chris Marshall, Alumni Director of Lehigh University's Alumni Association says, "We have worked extremely hard on our web presence with the goal in mind to connect, engage, and involve alumni in the life of Lehigh University.  Our volunteer services program has helped us with the 'involved' part of that equation.  We have hundreds - thousands - of alumni involved in our diverse volunteer programs throughout the United States and abroad.  When alumni give their time to the university it is a clear indication of the passion they have for their alma mater."

From recruiting the best and the brightest students into considering Lehigh, to mentoring other alumni (or soon to be alumni), to clubs, reunions, and councils - Lehigh University's Alumni Association is making a valuable difference in how their volunteer program is run.  The page itself is easy to navigate, attractive in appearance, and easily delivers the concept to viewers.  In addition to the volunteer possibilities, the Alumni Association also describes various alumni affinity organizations - all to connect those that share the same passion - and explains how alumni can become an addition to those that interest them.

Lehigh University's Alumni Association has taken the effort to keep all alumni engaged, connected and involved - and in the process, they're fulfilling a valuable service to the university.   

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